Detox Chi Massage

Holistic treatment, combining abdominal Chi massage, reflexology of the feet and acupressure points on the upper body. It aims to speed up the metabolic process, ease discomfort and improve the overall function of the digestive system.

Integrated Bodywork

Combining deep tissue techniques with the flow of Esalen Massage creates a holistic experience concerned not solely with unwinding soft tissue tensions, but also restoring the mind body integrity often lost through physical injuries, emotional traumas, and the stress of everyday life.  

Remedial Thai Massage 

Using a combination of Northern and Southern Thai style techniques the guest is guided through series of assisted stretches, while working on the energy lines and pressure points to release any stagnant energies. Very effective for upper body musculoskeletal issues and stiffness.

Ostheo Joints Articulation 

Joint articulation uses slow circular 3D movements within the joints’ pain-free range of motion. Articulation techniques help increase synovial fluid, range of motion, quality of movement and can be also beneficial for pain relief.

Tibetan Ku-Nye Massage

In Tibetan Ku means ‘application of oil’ and Nye ‘applying pressure’ and includes application of warm herb-infused oils, focusing on specific pressure points, complemented by warm stones or herbal compresses if needed.

Energy Meridian Therapy

Every energy meridian and organ of the body is reflected in the reflex points of the foot, therefore massaging and applying pressure to those points releases blocked energy and stimulates healing. This treatment is designed to maintain a balance by optimising the blood circulation and energy flow, strengthening the immune system and promoting wellbeing.

Reiki Balancing

Gentle hands-on treatment that promotes a deep level of relaxation and healing on a physical, spiritual and mental level. Reiki reduces stress and anxiety and brings the body, mind and spirit into balance.